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Frequently Asked Questions


Where do the reclaimed rags come from?
Our reclaimed rags are made from previously owned clothing and textiles that are graded for quality and cut into wiping rags. During the cutting process, all buttons, zippers and anything abrasive is removed.

What size are the rags?
All of our wiping rags are cut to approximate an 18-inch square. There is some variation in shape and size due to the differences in the shapes of the raw materials.

How many rags are in a pound?
The number of rags in a pound varies depending on the average weight of the grade. For example, there are approximately 7 to 9 rags per pound in the knit wiper grade, 10 to 12 in the sheeting grade, and 5 to 6 in the fleece grade.

Why are white wipers more expensive than colored ones?
White textiles (including white towels) are less abundant than colored ones.

Are reclaimed wipers absorbent?
Yes, extremely. The more often a piece of fabric is washed, the more absorbent it becomes. Wiping rags made out of used clothing and textiles have typically been washed many times, making them extreme absorbents.

Are the new wiper grades absorbent?
Yes, however, not as much as the reclaimed wiper grades.

Is there a 100% cotton reclaimed wiper grade?
No. Although we can recommend grades with very high percentages of cotton, we cannot guarantee that any of the reclaimed grades are 100% cotton.

Is there a lint-free textile wiping rag?
No. There are grades of wiping rags that are very low lint; however, all cloth (textile) wiping rags have some degree of lint.

Can I save money when I buy rags in bulk quantities?
Yes. Give us a call for pricing.


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